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Uptime is a European management-owned IT company founded in 1992. We focus on solving business needs using our profound expertise in Software Development.

We help our customers become more flexible and efficient reacting to the fast changing market requirements by offering full-scope of IT services and utilizing almost unlimited range of solutions that the IT technology can offer. Uptime today employs over 100 top specialists with high cross-industry competence, our offices are in Estonia, Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland.

We create tailor-made IT solutions based on the customer´s individuality, which enables to bring maximum results. Our customer base is widely ranging. We are IT partners to small enterprises as well as industry leaders from Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Latvia, Finland, Denmark etc.  We have created subscription management systems for several publishing houses, document management and collaboration solutions for government divisions and hospitals, offer full IT management for noted international companies, and much more.

Uptime is known to be a valuable business partner whose IT solutions help companies raise their work efficiency and profitability. We focus on business requirements and see long experience and extensive knowledge of different industries as our competitive advantage. Our services cover full life cycle of the software from analysis to support, to providing comprehensive infrastructure management. Our Quality Control System is ISO 9001:2008 certified.  We are proud to admit that our very first customers are continuously with us for nearly 25 years.